All players MUST have a signed waiver to play. You may either sign on-site upon arrival OR to prevent a "bottle neck" you may follow the link below and have your waiver signed ahead of time. If you or any of your team is under 18 they must have a parent/guardian sign prior to playing. Thank you!

Rescheduling and Cancellation Policy: (Please note that we will ALWAYS do what is within reason to try and accommodate our guests. Though do to a group that took MAJOR advantage of our good nature we want to outline our cancellation and rescheduling policy. Thank YOU for understanding!)

Cancellations: 48 Hour Notice Minimum - Please understand that we have a limited number of time slots available and it is likely that you have chosen a time that another team would likely have booked. The more time the better for us to be able to attempt to get it re-booked.

Rescheduling: 24 Hour Notice Minimum - Please contact us a minimum of 24 hours in advance so we can re-schedule you at a time that will work for you AND we are still hopefully able to get the time slot "refilled". Please keep in mind that the "perfect" time you'd like to reschedule may not work on our end and ultimately is at our discretion, so please contact us right away to see what we can work out. We strive to give our guests as amazing experience as we possibly can, that includes EVERYONE!

*If on a mobile device you may need to scroll down to see "Online Booking".

*Please arrive at least 10 minutes BEFORE your scheduled time.



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