• What does "Private Room" mean

Private rooms mean it will only be you and your team in your room. We are LaCrosse's only fully private Escape Room facility 100% of the time! You will never be surprised with playing with strangers here, unless you bring the strangers. :)

  • What if more people want to come with  than I originally booked?

Because EVERY room is a private it is very easy to add additional players. As long as you have less than the maximum number of total players they can simply join you at the time of your booking and pay the difference on arrival.

  • Is this Scary/Dangerous?

NOOOO! Our rooms are definitely not scary or dangerous. The only time we may have any scare in an Escape Room is for a seasonal Halloween Room (and that we will highly notate when/if it occurs)


  • Is this appropriate for kids, teens, adults?

Absolutely it's appropriate for ALL ages! We've had everyone from 7-91 years old have a great time! It never ceases to amaze us how our games can bring all generations together. We've had young kids, teens, , college aged, to folks in their eighties all have a fantastic time in every one of our rooms. If you have a birthday....or maybe an un-birthday you'll have a great time!


Not at all! All of our games are created in a way that you will not need to know any outside knowledge. They tend to be created so people of all ages with any type of education will be challenged, but not find impossible. We thrive on the "ah ha" moments our players have during every game.


  • How long does it take?

Most of our games are 60 minutes in length. If you get out before the 60 minute mark, it usually is not by much and congratulations you and your team have truly accomplished something great! We STRONGLY encourage our guests to be here approximately 10-15 minutes before the reserved time so we can go over the pre-briefing, use the bathroom if need be, and answer any questions you may have.


  • Are minors allowed to play by themselves?

Yes they are.....BUT this is at our discretion, so please ask. Unlike many other Escape Room we do allow kids to play in the Escape Rooms by themselves, BUT you are ultimately responsible for their actions and we do require each minor to have a parent/guardian to sign our waiver for them (Waiver can be found at the bottom of the online booking section on this website). We have had numerous kids play both with and without their parents and they have all had a spectacular time!


  • Will we be playing with strangers?

No, you and your team will have a private room all to yourselves! Unlike the vast majority of U.S. based Escape Rooms, every room is a private room! One of our "mantra's" here at The Great Escape of La Crosse is if you want to play an Escape Room with Strangers.....you'll have to bring the strangers! :)


  • What does "Private Room" mean?

See above for "will I be playing with strangers?" Here at The Great Escape of La Crosse we have listened to our guests and have chosen to run only private rooms, which means it will be you and your team and no strange introductions to strangers right before playing a game.


Each group will have "3 official hints" to use or not use as you want.....use them wisely and you and your team will do great! We have also been known to give a nudge here and there if (and only if) a group is severely stuck on something for "too long" on occasion. Our goal is to make sure every team has a wonderful time.


  • What if my team is late?

Please try and arrive a little early (10-15 minutes). If you are going to be running late, PLEASE call us at 608-571-ROOM (7666) as soon as possible. Since we run only private rooms, you have booked during a time-slot someone else could have been here, so please understand that it is nearly impossible for us to re-book that time-slot last minute and you may be charged in full for your reserved time without adequate time for us to schedule someone else. If at all possible we will get you going as soon as possible, as long as it's not going to back up the rest of the reservations throughout the day. We try and go above and beyond for our guests at all times, but truly understand that by being late you may likely be affecting other teams by doing so. By policy we do require a minimum of 24 hours notice for all cancellations and reschedules. Thank you for understanding.

Most of our rooms are designed for up to 8 players, unless notated within the description of the game itself. What we have found (after watching thousands of players) after 8 players within an Escape Room communication can often become very difficult and "sub-teams" occur. In a game that relies on communication and working together it's vital to have great communication, so we have chosen to keep a maximum of 8 players to ensure you the best possible game! If there is a requirement of a minimum and/or maximum number of players it will be notated on each individual game as well. NOTE: 2 Person Teams -  it is possible to escape with only 2 players, BUT our suggestion is to try and get at least 4-5 players.....it will make your experience WAY better and the possibility of escape much more feasible! (This may not apply to "veteran escapees" that have a bit of experience under the belts.)


Yes and a BIG no...... the concept is similar, but in a real-life Escape Room you interact with the world around you, utilize fun cooperation and teamwork, and ultimately have an experience your phone or online simply cannot recreate. These games are not meant to have players sitting down, but rather moving around and working together to escape the room!


  • Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Absolutely and they're easy to purchase for yourself or someone else! Simply click on the "Online Booking" tab above, scroll towards the bottom, click on Gift Vouchers. From there you can either email it directly to yourself or forward it to someone else's email....easy right!?!?




  • Where are you located?

We are tucked between Fayze's and Cabin Coffee downtown La Crosse at 203 South 4th Street, downtown La Crosse. If for some reason you can't find us call 608-571-ROOM (7666) and we'll get you here!


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