Experience Curator

Toby Farley

They say if  you do what you love, you'll never work a  day in your life. Every time a customer/guest has an "ah ha" moment he's reminded why the long hours are well worth it! When he's not talking away with customers he's probably down in the workshop dreaming up what new creation is next! 


As the owner of The Great Escape of LaCrosse his personal philosophy on "how to treat others" is what makes the facility so special and unique. His main belief is if you do the right thing for the right reason(s) success is inevitable.

The Muse - Game Master


Becky is a Clinical Nurse Educator by day and enjoys moonlighting as a volunteer game master in the evenings. She is Toby’s muse and life adventure partner and takes pride in seeing all of the bonding, laughs, excitement and wonder that develop as part of each customer experience at the Great Escape of La Crosse.

Game Master


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Game Master

Izzy is a student at Logan High School. Adopted from Vietnam she isn't made for the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, but with her knowledge of set design and a creative knack for the uncanny world of escape rooms. Although Izzy is The Great Escape of La Crosse's youngest Game Master, her talents led to the  design of our logo. Izzy loves giving her teams a memory that will go down in the history books!


Game Master


Game Master

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Sharayah (Rae)

(Rae) runs games for The Great Escape of LaCrosse when she's not busy billing and chilling at Hartland Fuels in Onalaska, writing part-time, or wrangling her babysitting kiddos. When she's not doing one of the aforementioned, she enjoys reading rom-coms and watching action movies. Keep a look-out, she just may be the one to host your next Great Escape!

Game Master


The dark humored, bright eyed hippie of The Great Escape, Tokata is an animal lover that has owned more than her fair share of pets, including her pride and joy, Audio, the Macaw. Her movie and music trivia (particularly horror and 80's hairbands) is impeccable and can often be found sneaking its way into your games hints. With a big smile and warm personality, Tokata will make your game one to remember!

Game Master


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